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Single Origin Coffee

Rwanda - Akanyaru Hill

Rwanda - Akanyaru Hill

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For the second consecutive year, we are pleased to offer a seasonal single origin coffee from Baho Coffee, our producing partner in Rwanda.  This year's offering is a very well-produced and flavorful lot of Red Bourbon from a group of farmers surrounding "Akanyaru Hill" near Baho's Fugi Washing Station in Rwanda's southern province. We taste notes of apple pie spices, brown sugar, bittersweet cacao nib, and black tea.  A light-medium roast preserves the delicate nuanced flavor profile while encouraging a pleasing body and creamy texture in the mid-palate.  We are proud to source from Baho Coffee, an outstanding organization that supports small farmers with training, farming inputs, and market-leading compensation.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Baho Coffee
    Fugi Station, Ngoma, Southern Province

  • Elevation

    1700-1900 meters above sea level

  • Cultivar

    Red Bourbon

  • Processing

    Washed / Wet

  • Tasting Notes

    Apple Pie Spices, Cacao Nib, Black Tea

  • Roast Level


Cup Profile

There’s just something special about washed East African coffees, and this one is no exception. Akanyaru Hill exhibits great complexity in the cup, with unique and interesting tasting notes reminiscent of apple pie baking spices and brown sugar, balanced by bittersweet notes of cacao nib, and a slightly tannic tea-like finish. Persistent throughout the varied tasting notes, however, is a grounded, smooth, and welcoming body and creamy cup texture.

From the department of “je ne se qua,” there is an indescribably soulful character in this coffee that warms the heart and calms the mind.

Meet the Producer

This coffee comes to us from the caring hands of Emmanuel Rusatira, owner and operator of Baho Coffee, an independent, Rwandan-owned coffee processor and exporter. Emmanuel’s story is one of hard work and good fortune, turning nearly 20 years of experience working for multi-national coffee exporting companies into his own small business.

Establishing Baho Coffee gave Emmanuel the opportunity to implement his own philosophies in coffee processing and push high quality protocols at washing stations that he manages. Emmanuel soon became known for paying the highest prices for green coffee in Rwanda and has developed a unique second payment program for farmers whose coffees meet or exceed certain thresholds of quality.

Akanyaru Hill

Akanyaru Hill lot is a part of Baho’s ongoing appellation project surrounding the Fugi Washing Station, a hub for innovation and a home-base for numerous pilot projects - like the first women producer group, a parabolic drying structure, and a small composting facility producing organic fertilizers.

The hills are often chosen simply based on altitude, which tends to correlate to a distinct vibrancy and saturation of flavor. The bulk of farms surrounding Akanyaru Hill sit right around 1800 meters above sea level.

Emmanuel is particularly excited about the potential of this area producing a unique flavor profile, as it’s in a more remote location deep in the Southern Province and nearly touching the border of Burundi. Akanyaru Hill is a new group as of the 2022 season. Until last year, most farmersin this area were producing semi washed coffee and selling wet parchment to middle men that would pass it along to a nearby station. Baho has helped organize the Akanyaru group and arranged harvesting and pick up days to assist with transportation to the Fugi station.

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