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Single Origin Coffee

Peru - Rutas del Inca

Peru - Rutas del Inca

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Rutas del Inca is a juicy, sweet, and clean coffee grown at extraordinary elevation in the Peruvian Andes.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Rutas del Inca Cooperative

    Chota, Cajamarca, Peru

  • Processing

    Washed / Wet

  • Tasting Notes

    Cherry, Almond, Honey, Chocolate

  • Roast Level


About Peru - Rutas del Inca

Juicy notes of ripe cherry, plum, and peach blanket a foundation of milk chocolate and honey in a complex, but deliciously easy drinking cup.  

The altitude at which coffee is grown is just one of many factors that contribute to high quality coffee, but it may be the most important.  Similar to wine varietals, Arabica produces finer fruit with more complexity of flavor at higher elevations - one reason you may see a coffee's elevation noted on packaging or shared by a barista.  

The reasoning behind this is fairly simple - coffee plants find it a bit more difficult to survive as the elevation increases, due to cooler temperatures and less water.  Cooler temperatures at higher elevations is self explanatory, but the water factor typically is due to steeper inclines and rockier soil, which leads to increased soil drainage.  The result is a coffee plant that produces less fruit overall, but the seeds of the fruit (coffee beans) that are produced tend to be denser and more concentrated with the sugars that create the variety flavors we desire in a great coffee.  High elevation coffees also often showcase more acidity, structure, and complexity of flavor - all desirable characteristics of a well-grown specialty coffee.

So now that we've established that as a rule of thumb, higher elevations usually produce more interesting coffee, you'll see why this next statement is such an important one - this is the highest altitude-grown coffee we've ever sourced!  The elevation factor alone makes this offering from Cajamarca, Peru unique and interesting, but the complex character of the cup and delicious flavor profile seal the deal.

Produced by the Rutas del Inca Cooperative, named in honor of the high altitude Inca trade routes through the Peruvian Andes, this coffee is the harvest of 267 small farmers in the rich coffee growing region surrounding Cajamarca.  Ranging from 1,600 to 2,400 meters above sea level (5,250 -  7,874 ft.!),  the extreme altitude of these farms produces a structured and complex cup profile that is unique in Peru.  Additionally, the cooperative's farming practices are certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program as well as certified Fair Trade.

We've chosen a medium roast level for this coffee to tame a bit of the acidity and develop the abundant sugars.  The brewed cup presents an undeniable note of ripe cherry, with hints of other stone fruits such as plum and peach, and a balanced backdrop of almond, honey, vanilla, and milk chocolate.

We think this coffee is a great value and raises the bar for single origin Peruvian coffees at this price point, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Customer Reviews

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Claire S.
Love this one!

This is my favorite yet. Such great flavor. We’ve actually been using as espresso. Can’t wait to try more.

Miriam Papp

my favorite coffee

Evan McGinnis

I love every coffee that comes from FreeForm Coffee Roasters. They pay attention to detail and care and it really shows in their product.