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Costa Rica - Hermanos Fallas Natural

Fantastic Coffee, Wonderful People!

We've ordered wholesale from Freeform for our office and could not be happier with the quality of the coffee and the kindness of the folks at the company!

Absolutely extraordinary!

The Ethiopia - Halo Beriti coffee from Freeform Coffee is a pure revelation for any coffee aficionado. From the moment you open the bag, you're transported to an exotic realm of unparalleled aromatic enchantment. If you're seeking a coffee that transcends the ordinary and transports you to a realm of pure sensory delight, this is the one.

Great flavor, and quality beans!

We love our FreeForm Stargazer roast. We’ve been purchasing this roast for years for our home and our guest house. Everyone loves it. Not to mention it’s a great roast for our automatic espresso maker.

Best Brew Ever

My wife and I are both "seniors," but with sound minds and appreciative taste buds. We have always liked coffee. El Mezcal is especially smooth, soft, comforting, even cuddly. Moreso than any other coffee we have ever tried.

We have been known to sprinkle a bit of chocolate into the mix on rare occasions, which only seems to bring out the rich flavors of the coffee itself a tad more. And, if it is a special occasion (or even if it's not), just a few drops of Bailey's sometimes trickle into the brew, and life takes on yet more allure.

But the base, and the constant, is always the El Mezcal -- simply can't be beat!

john hall

Hooked After Sedona Visit

We visited Sedona, AZ in July and ended up having a latte at their shop near Tlaquepaque. It was so good that I purchased some of the beans to take home as my one souvenir from the trip! Fast-forward a month and I ordered more of their espresso roast (a big bag this time!), the breakfast blend, and the dark roast blend. The dark roast has become my regular morning coffee. I often find dark roasts to be overly bitter, but this one is rich and delicious. Will definitely be ordering more. So happy I found you guys!

Ethiopian Halo Beriti

No need to brace yourself for the up front, over the top fruitiness you expect from Ethiopian coffees. This coffee is SMOOTH. Warm bread from the oven comfort food! Mouthfeel is light and silky; gentle floral hints combine with lightly toasted marshmallows and sweet bread to create a totally unique Ethiopian coffee. My new favorite, for sure!

Colombia Pineapple Co-Fermented

An amazing, super-flavorful coffee. Rich, sweettart tasting notes of tropical pineapple combined with typical Colombian cleanness makes a very pure, exotic cup. For me, a once in a lifetime experience (especially at $60/lb!).

Lovely Light morning coffee

An unusually floral Ethiopian, light and ethera.

Aurora Breakfast Blend

It had great taste whether brewed or in a Kuerig refill pod. Will definitely reorder.


The El Mezcal is without doubt, the best coffee I’ve had the luxury of tasting. And that I can get it basically overnight from FreeForm is simply another luxury!

Colombia - Vergel Estate Anaerobic Natural

Colombia Vergel Estate

WOW… An explosion awaits your taste buds! This is a WILD coffee that requires some taming. A bucking bronco! As a V60 pour over it was just too erratic for my taste to handle, but through an AeroPress—ground fine—it lost some of it’s extreme nature of CRAZY fruit and tamed down to balance out/tone down the super-bright notes for a truly exotic, eye-opening, wonderful cup.

Morning Go To Coffee

This blend is my go to morning coffee. With a lighter roast on it with a beautiful blends of flavors. The smell is enticing and everyone always asks what coffee I’m drinking bc of how beautifully it smells. This is the perfect coffee to start the day of right and put in you in perfect headspace to be ready for whatever the day brings. The flavors are smooth and comforting. I can’t get enough.

Comforting blend

This blend is deep, rich and inviting. It’s a go to for days I’m wanting to start with a rich bold flavor that tastes like a warm hug. There are some chocolate notes and the roast provides a prefect balance of flavors without any bite. This one of my favorites and go to blends when wanting a deeper flavored coffee.

Juice explosion!

This is one of the juicer coffees I’ve ever had in my life. Delicate and smooth in a v60 with an ever increasing panoply of floral and fruity notes as the cup cools, if it lasts that long.

Lovely Coffee

I liked this coffee quite a bit. Maybe a bit too dark in taste for me, but very enjoyable.

Great roast!

Another fantastic roast from Freeform Coffee Roasters. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur, and when my wife and I travel, which is often, I look for 2 things: a solid craft brewery and a local coffee roastery. We have been to Sedona, AZ 5 times in the last 10 years and the last 2 I always give Freeform a heads up on my arrival date and order ahead of time. They always come through with freshly roasted bags! And their variety is great!
Long story short, do yourself a favor when visiting Sedona and don’t buy coffee anywhere else.

Mexico - El Mezcal
Randy Brine
El Mezcal, you ask? I say Si!

This is a fragrant, smooth, satisfying brew with a very light bitterness. It’s nutty aroma (to my untrained nose) is very pleasant, and I taste (my tastebuds are also untrained) subtle and very satisfying cocoa and spice. These beans make a delicious brew. This is another mainstay in my pantry. Although I’m no longer in Sedona, I’m grateful to Dan and Monica at Freeform for keeping me in supply here in Central Oregon!

Aurora Breakfast Blend is a mainstay in my pantry

I’ve enjoyed many of the delicious beans roasted by FreeForm, and the Aurora Breakfast blend is one I am sure to always have on hand. A darker roast, its aroma is fairly light. In the mouth, the brew is bold, but not overly bitter. After drinking French Roast exclusively for many years, this delicious blend has taken its place. Now living in Central Oregon, the great folks at FreeForm ship me these delicious beans so I can enjoy a little Sedona magic daily.

Cold Brew
Jill McCutcheon
Cold brew

Freeform coffee is the best. The cold brew is perfectly ground in and I love it.

Congo Muungano

Superb, lively coffee! Intense up-front fruit notes are balanced by a wonderful sweetness. Nice light to medium body that doesn’t linger after swallowing. Clean! And an awesome cause to support on top of all that. The best offering I’ve experienced out of the Congo .

Best dark roast espresso

Caramel rich. I’ve got through dozens of beans and this is always the winner. Long shots pour dark and taste is mildy sweet and robust. I pair it with my Jura machine and Flair. I just buy by the lbs now.

Take me back!

On a girl's trip to Sedona we had FreeForm Coffee at our hotel and LOVED it. A year later I was (still) craving it and decided to try a different roast and it is JUST AS GOOD! The description was as advertised and is a great way to start my mornings. I especially appreciated the custom grind option to make my life easier.

Smooth, dark and yummy!

It makes the most delicious lattes! You deserve to drink this coffee!