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Aurora - Breakfast Blend
Katherine Shillinglaw
Love the Energy!

Purchased the Aurora when visiting Sedona and now I order and have it shipped to Wisconsin.

Ghost Pony Die Cut Sticket

I’ve loved putting this design on several coffee cantines and given them as gifts.

Ghost Pony Carter move mug

Love the design on this mug! Wish there were more choices by this artist!

The best espresso blend I have tried. It is my favorite and everyone I have try it loves it.

Good coffee and customer service

Love this coffee!

We were in desperate need of a new bean and Stargazer is a delight! It’s flavorful but smooth.

Nicaragua - Maragogype Regenerative Organic Certified™?

This Coffee is a fantastic addition to the morning with the perfect brightness without being too acidic & the subtle notes of dark chocolate & red apple make for a delicious cup of single origin, organic coffee!

Kenya - Mumwe Mahiga
Edward Benoit -
Kenya - Mumwe

This is a delicious, small batch with a subtle vanilla & tropical fruit flavor that puts just the perfect pep in your step! Highly Recommended!

Kenya - Mumwe Mahiga
Bill Lundeen
Kenya FreeForm Reserve

Definitely one of the best Kenyan coffees I’ve ever had. A much cleaner body and brighter notes than most. Still a hint of the savory that often pervade Kenyans; makes for an extremely unique cup of coffee ☕️

Lovely Mellow Coffee

I have two favorite coffees from FreeForm -- Hermanos Fallas and the Ethiopian coffee. Both are mild, very aromatic coffees. Both make a great cup of pour-over coffee. I really don't know which one I like better, so I usually order a bag of each.

Nicaragua ROC

This is an incredible coffee! Each tasting note is so clean and distinct. The dark chocolate, red apple notes are bathed in a warm sweetness that pulls the separate tastes into one beautiful whole. Add in regenerative organic and you get an unbeatable coffee that feels good to support. Well done, FreeForm!

Love the coffee, one of my new favorites

I like European style light roast coffees. The Rwanda coffee is wonderfully mellow yet flavorfull.

Mexico - El Mezcal
Susan Adams

I bought this coffee because it was highly rated, and I totally agree! It is really a treat to drink this, and I will definitely be buying again.

Stargazer coffee

I love this coffee. I was given it as a gift!!!


Smoothest coffee with a strong medium-dark flavor

Kenya - Mumwe Mahiga
Susan Adams
What a brew!

This coffee is so smooth and delicious . The beans have a wonderful earthy aroma. This is excellent coffee!

EXCELLENT Decaffeinated Coffee

This is the smoothest decaffeinated coffee I've ever had. The sugar cane process of used will delivers a rich coffee with a touch of acid. I live in North Carolina, and enjoyed his coffee so much that I ordered it online.

We love your coffee!

None-Bitter is Better

Full body, robust, lo- acidity, delicious. We ❤️ your coffee! Thank you from NJ! Linda Bernal

Aurora - Breakfast Blend
Linette Galvan-ONeill

The best way to start my day with a cup or 2 of Aurora Breakfast Blend!

Not to be dramatic but…

This is the best coffee I have ever brewed myself. I bought a bag of their most popular beans when visiting Sedona and am relieved that I can order online.

Best Decaf we have ever tasted.

Columbia Sugarcane Decaf is by far the best decaffeinated coffee we have ever tasted. Most decaf coffee has an off putting flavor. This decaf has a full fresh roasted flavor and aroma. Maybe its the suggestion of sweetness in the name but I do get a sweet tinge on the tip of the tongue without any cream or sweetener. We like to mix this 50/50 with just about any of Freeform's single varietal or custom blends to cut back on our caffeine intake.

Sweater Weather Holiday Blend
Dagart Allison
My Go-To Morning Cup during the Holidays

I have been getting the Sweater Weather Blend for a couple years now and it is something I look forward to at the end of each year. The taste is a smooth, balanced flavor which makes for a delicious cafe au lait. As well, I usually buy some for friends and family for a little holiday gift. When I find something good, I like to share it.

Ethiopia - Halo Beriti Natural
Marsha Tucker
Excellent coffee shop !

Free Form is an excellent coffee / espresso shop . Nothing else in the area compares. The baristas know how to make traditional espresso drinks . Friendly staff and nice shop .

Amazingly rich and smooth coffee.

You will not be disappointed!