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Canyon - Espresso Blend
Bianca Alvarez
Love this for my home espresso machine

I was recently in Sedona and had a latte in the shop and instantly went back to purchase some of these whole beans to bring back home.

Cold Brew
Kevin S
Cold Brew coffee

It's the best cold brew I've ever had and ruined all other coffee for me. I just can't go back to anything else.

A blend that isn’t too bitter as a simple shot!

From someone who does not drink straight espresso shots, it is delicious as one! Not overly bitter like some blends can be. Our household drinks iced and hot coffee, and it’s great for any type of drink! Would definitely recommend!

Half Caff is awesome!

Freeform coffee is so fresh and delicious! We are so spoiled now. We live in MI and order from Sedona coffee shop! Sooo good!


Great mild flavor. It makes a great iced latte with just a little vanilla.

Decaf Colombia Sugarcane
Carrie Bradford

I usually don’t like decaf coffee. But this one is delicious!

Canyon - Espresso Blend
Constance Rose
Best Espresso Blend Ever!

Once you’ve tried this blend, you will never go another direction. Best expresso I’ve had !

Good, but wouldn't describe as "bold, heavy, rich"

I was hoping for a stronger brew based on the description. I used for a pour-over the same way I always brew my coffee, but found it lacked the body and depth I was looking for. I might try a darker roast from Freeform, but probably wouldn't buy this specific blend again.

Love this one!

This is my favorite yet. Such great flavor. We’ve actually been using as espresso. Can’t wait to try more.

This decaf works for us! Cutting down on our caffeine but still yummy any time of the day!

Airbnb Coffee 6 Pack Canyon Blend

LOVING this new format. Thank you so much for bringing back the hospitality packs. The whole beans are working out great!!! Y'all are the best, thanks again!!! Patricia

Amazing coffee

Came from Dallas to visit Sedona!! Stopped in this amazing coffee shop!! Found out when I returned home that they ship!!! Woohoo!!! Best coffee ever. Smooth delicious taste!!

It's my favorite pour-over coffee

It's mild yet flavorful. Nice mild roasting lets the beans shine rather than the roasting.

Great coffee!

The Plateau Espresso Blend is a new favorite from Free Form coffee. Smooth, yet tasty. Medium roast but bold. Thumbs up Free Form!

AMAZING coffee!!!

This coffee is so delicious!!
The fruit forward taste is wonderful.
It feels like Rodrigo Sanchez is giving you a great big coffee hug!!!
After tasting, I ordered 6 more! Yummy!!!!

No flavor

The old (a year ago) Ethiopia was great this is my first try after the original was no longer available, sorry it’s just not good! I always purchased it from the water store or at Garlands.I drove from Jerome just for it. No longer a customer,sorry,


My client’s and I shared a cappuccino in house, and adored it. I ordered the beans to arrive at their home upon their return. Thank you for sharing a lovely experience!

Totally amazing

Terrific taste and must be super pure. Does not give me migraine headaches which many decaf coffees do. A winner!!


Great flavor! Love that you ship & we can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in Las Vegas!

Cold Brew
The County Seat (Austin Healey)

I generally have 2 glasses of Freeform cold brew a day, splash of cream and it's quite delicious

Can This Really Be Decaf?

The rich yet smooth, full-bodied flavor of these beans defies the fact that it is decaf. I’ve never been able to find decaf that is as satisfying as caffeinated beans. I love this coffee. The best!

LIght and flavorful.

Very nice morning coffee, with a lot of light flavors. I don't like dark roasts and this has become my favorite brew. I also like the way the coffee is packaged. Easy to open and close seal that keeps the coffee fresh.

Never over-roasted

Freeform coffee is always as advertised, level of roast and tasting notes are spot on. We keep switching between single bean and blend coffees because they’re all great! I’ve watched their roasting process and the quality control measures taken are extraordinary. Can’t go wrong with any Freeform coffee.

Excellent coffee

Freeform coffee roasters make the best coffee. All there flavors I had so far are delicious but this is my favorite. As described and smooth for an expresso bean.

Canyon - Espresso Blend
Lauren Mireles
So Delicious

We visited the shop while on vacation and really enjoyed this coffee. We enjoyed it so much that now I have it shipped to my house.