Our Story

With Love from Sedona

We're an independently owned specialty coffee company with deep roots in beautiful Sedona, Arizona with a passion for exceptional coffee and environmental stewardship.

Our love affair with coffee began over 20 years ago working in college campus coffee carts, and has bloomed into a lifelong passion ever since.

In 2020 we built FreeForm Coffee Roasters, a celebration of the people and land producing world-class coffees and the spectacular Northern Arizona environment we call home.

Sourced and Roasted with Care

We hand roast our coffees in small batches on an American-made San Franciscan SF-25 coffee roaster in our roasting facility in the historic Brewer Road district of Sedona, Arizona. All coffees are roasted fresh to-order on a weekly basis.

Each coffee we decide to purchase must meet stringent requirements we have set for environmental sustainability, social responsibility, or quality and innovation. 

Know that the coffee you purchase from us has been sustainabily sourced and carefully crafted from the farm to your cup.

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Honoring Origin and the Environment

Coffee as an agricultural product – not unlike other products such as wine – when grown and roasted with intention, can tell a compelling story about its origin, surrounding terroir, and the people who produce it. We consider it a privilege to share those stories with our customers and roast our coffee with care so that its distinct characteristics are enjoyed in the brewed cup.

Operating a business in one of the world's most stunning natural environments - Sedona, Arizona - we acknowledge our responsibility to be good stewards to the land, both where coffee is produced and here in our hometown.

Our Impact Initiatives