About Us

Positively Charged Coffee

Since 2011, we've owned and operated Indian Gardens Cafe & Market in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona.  Widely regarded as serving up some of the best coffee in Sedona, we've been eagerly waiting for our chance to have complete creative control over our beans, from sourcing to roasting to serving.  In 2018, our dream became a reality as we opened our very own roasting facility right in town in the historic Brewer Road district of Sedona.

People First

At FreeForm Coffee, our core value is people first.  We carry that mantra through every thing we do and every decision we make, from the coffee farmers we support, the importers we choose to work with, the relationships we form with our customers, and the family atmosphere we foster among our staff. 

Community Driven

We believe that coffee, food, and shared experiences unite us as and allow for a deeper appreciation of the human experience.  We believe that our best contribution toward building a stronger community is by connecting individuals in a meaningful way, and people gathering with coffee is one of the greatest time-tested forms of daily connection.

Quality Guaranteed

You can be assured that we will always go to the greatest lengths to source only the highest-quality green beans, dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of craftsmanship, and provide you the absolute best cup of coffee.  

It's all about you!

We'd like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and for joining us on this journey. We are truly driven and inspired by our local Northern Arizona community and all you coffee lovers around the world!  Thank you!