About Us

Our Background

  • FreeForm Coffee is locally and independently owned by Sedona native & 4th Generation Arizonans.  We have deep pride in our local roots and we are driven to bring the highest quality specialty coffee product and customer service to our community.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in working with coffee, and 4 years of experience in roasting coffee and supporting wholesale partners.
  • Coffee is our passion, and building long-lasting, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded businesses is our primary objective.

Our Values 

Positively Charged Coffee

    Our slogan, “Positively Charged Coffee,” is a playful nod to the vortex energy Sedona is known for, but also a guiding principle in our efforts to make real-world impact as consumers and producers of this universally loved beverage.

    All of our coffee offerings are carefully sourced for qualityintegrity and the positive impact the producers and importers are making in the communities where each coffee is grown. Every coffee that we source must fulfill at least one requirement from the following categories:

      • Environmental Sustainability
      • Human Ethics + Community
      • Quality + Innovation
    Environmental Sustainability

    We take the common trope of ‘vote with your dollars’ to heart. Instead of purchasing commodity coffee from largescale producers, we seek out small-scale specialty coffee farms and cooperatives that are working in harmony with their surrounding environments. Whether it’s supporting Certified Organic coffees, sustainable farming practices, on-site animal husbandry programs, or ecologically diverse farms to preserve the surrounding flora, these details matter to us and we know they matter to you, too. We believe that we can enjoy a better cup of coffee without contributing to deforestation for a lower-priced cup. When the true cost of coffee comes with environmental destruction, we know we can do better… so we do.

    Human Ethics + Community
    There is no doubt that sharing a cup of coffee is one of the oldest forms of connecting person-to-person. We want to go beyond the connection at our cafés and make sure the farmers and everyone along the way feel the love, too. 

    The specialty coffee industry is founded upon transparency and relationships that seek to create an inclusive economy. In short, the fewer hands between the farmer and your cup of coffee, the better for everyone involved. All of the coffees we offer are produced with above-fair-trade compensation standards and come with additional initiatives that benefit the communities at origin such as:
          • women-led co-ops
          • locally driven projects
          • road building + maintenance 
          • building schools on-site and buying educational materials
          • potable water
          • health initiatives like providing access to glasses and medications to remote communities
          • business development opportunities that help small-scale farmers diversify their offerings and improve the quality of their harvest
    Quality + Innovation

    Coffee has come a long way in recent years. We love supporting coffee farmers who continue to push the craft forward with creative growing and processing techniques such as prolonged in-cherry fermentation, honey processing, chemical-free decaffeination and more. Starting with top-quality green coffee beans makes our job as roasters easier, thanks to the innovators and experts on the farms leading coffee’s exciting “third wave.” 

    A Sense of Place

    Hand Roasting = Honoring Origins

      As an agricultural product – not unlike other products such as wine – coffee, when produced with intention, can tell a compelling story about its origin, terroir, and the people who produce it.  We consider it a privilege to share those stories with our customers and roast our coffee with care so that its distinct characteristics are enjoyed in the brewed cup.

      Community Driven

        We also take tremendous pride in representing Sedona and Northern Arizona in our branding and marketing of our product and celebrate the unique character of our own local environment and community with our customers near and far.

          Inspecting Coffee During Roast

          Our Operation

          We hand roast our coffees in small batches on an American-made San Franciscan SF-25 Coffee Roaster in our roasting facility in the historic Brewer Road district of Sedona, Arizona. All coffees are roasted fresh to-order on a weekly basis. Our schedule of operation:

          • All orders received by midnight on Sundays will be roasted on Mondays and Tuesdays.
          • Orders are delivered or shipped by Fridays (at the latest).

          Chemex Pouring Coffee Into Mug

          Enjoying Your Coffee

          Freshly roasted coffee is best enjoyed, you guessed it, fresh! Every bag we roast is dated with it's roast date. We recommend ordering coffee that you can consume within a month. If ordering ground coffee, please mention your intended brewing method in the order notes section of your shopping cart, and bear in mind that pre-ground coffee should be enjoyed within 2 weeks of grinding.

          Grinding your coffee at the time of brewing is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your coffee. We carry a few different options for grinders in our Coffee Gear section of the site, and highly recommend that you make a quality grinder your first investment in your coffee set up!

          Brewing techniques are varied and plentiful - you may decide to choose one method for all of your brewing, or perhaps experiment with many different tools.  Each brewing technique provides a different level of convenience, mouthfeel, and flavor profile.  Testing different methods with different coffees is a fun and endless exploration of the limitless flavor potential of specialty coffee.

          For all brewing techniques, we recommend you use a scale to ensure a proper coffee-to-water ratio.  A great starting point is 1:16, which simply means 1 part ground coffee (usually measured in grams) to 16 parts water (also measured by weight).  For example, if you are brewing 2 cups of coffee in a 6-Cup Chemex you may want to start with 40g of coffee and a total of 640g of water.  As this is just a recommended starting point, we encourage you to adjust the brew ratio and grind size to find a brewed cup that is just right for you.

          We are proud to be distributors of some of our favorite brewing tools!  Below are a few recommendations:

          • Classic home batch brewer - OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker.  This is one of, if not the, first SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) recommended home auto drip brewers.  Affordable, easy to use, and produces quality coffee with convenience.  If you don't want to fuss with manual brewers and/or typically make more than 1 or 2 cups at a time, this is the unit for you!
          • Everyday manual brewer - Chemex Coffee Maker.  Equally beautiful and functional, Chemex is our brewing method of choice for 1 or two cups of coffee.  They are a delight to use, look great on your counter, and produce a balanced, clean (but not too light) cup of excellent coffee.
          • Single serving pour over - Hario V60-02 Coffee Dripper.  Along with the Chemex, Hario's V60 Dripper is a tried and true option for manual brewing.  The 02 size is perfect for a single cup of coffee, and the V60 tends to produce some of the cleanest, best filtered coffee we've tried.  We particularly prefer the V60 for lighter roasts and natural processed coffees, as it tends to highlight those delicate fruit and floral notes.
          • Rich, full-bodied brewing - French Press.  One of the easiest brewing devices is also one of the most popular.  Take your french press brewing to another level by weighing your coffee and water according the suggested ratio mentioned above.  We like French Press for medium to dark roasted coffees or when we desire a cup that is fuller bodied.
          • Travel and off-grid brewing - Aeropress Go Coffeemaker.  This super convenient all-in-one coffeemaker has become incredibly popular not only for brewing on the go, but at home as well.  Aeropress tends to brew a cup that is a lighter body and highlights acidity in clean, crisp coffees.  We recommend Aeropress for any coffee, but particularly light to medium roasts.

          Connect with Us!

          At the moment, we are strictly a production roastery without a retail outlet or coffee shop. We intend to build an adjoining coffee bar, but we recognize that it will take time to get there. In the meantime, we'd love to connect with you virtually or in person. Please feel free to email us or reach out over social media, we'd love to hear from you. Roastery tours are available by appointment, please don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to see our operation.

          If you are looking to purchase a bag or two locally, please visit one of our amazing partners in town.

          Thank You!

          Thank you for visiting and for your support of locally roasted coffee! 

          - Daniel & Monica Garland