Sourcing Standards

Each of our coffee offerings are carefully sourced for qualityintegrity and the positive impact the producers and importers are making in the communities where each coffee is grown. Every coffee that we source must fulfill at least one requirement from the categories below.

Environmental Sustainability

We take the common trope of ‘vote with your dollars’ to heart. We seek out small-scale specialty coffee farms and cooperatives that are working in harmony with their surrounding environments.

Whether it’s supporting certified Organic coffees, sustainable farming practices, on-site animal husbandry programs, or ecologically diverse farms to preserve the surrounding flora, these details matter to us and we know they matter to you, too.

We believe that we can enjoy a better cup of coffee without contributing to deforestation for a lower-priced cup. When the true cost of coffee comes with environmental destruction, we know we can do better… so we do.

Social Responsibility

Building relationships with producers and our importing partners, working to support an inclusive, transparent, and equitable economy is one of the most rewarding aspects of our business.

We've made it a standard practice to only purchase coffees in which producers are compensated at or above Fair Trade standards.

Additionally, we go to great lengths to source from cooperatives and importers who invest in initiatives that benefit the communities at origin.

Quality and Innovation

Coffee has been enjoyed by humans for over 500 years, but today is truly the golden age of coffee! Never before has coffee been grown, processed, transported, roasted, and brewed with such attention to quality.

We consider it an honor as well as a duty to support coffee producers who continue to push the craft forward with innovative growing and processing techniques.

Thanks to the prodcuers at origin leading coffee’s exciting “third wave,” access to top-quality green coffee beans makes our job as roasters easier, as we gently roast to unlock the tremendous flavor within.