Prepaid Shuffle Subscription - 12 Months

Prepaid Shuffle Subscription - 12 Months

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  • We'll deliver once a month for 12 months.
  • Shipping included in subscription price.
  • Pay once upfront, no recurring charges!

Are you someone who likes to shake it up?  Do you listen to your music on shuffle?  Do you enjoy coffee from many different origins and different roast levels?

If this sounds like you, then our FreeForm Coffee Shuffle Subscription may be just what you're looking for.

With the Shuffle Subscription, we'll send you a unique bag of freshly roasted coffee each month.  Each delivery will feature a unique offering, which will change based on coffee harvest season and what we're digging right now at the roastery.  Some Shuffle Subscription deliveries may feature coffees selected exclusively for Shuffle subscribers, not available anywhere else in our offerings. Each delivery will include an informational deep-dive on the coffee and producer, tasting notes and brewing suggestions. 

This is a truly amazing and unique way to try new coffees throughout the year and explore the wide variety of flavor and profile coffee has to offer.

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