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Single Origin Coffee

Nicaragua - Maragogype Regenerative Organic Certified™

Nicaragua - Maragogype Regenerative Organic Certified™

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Two firsts for us here at FreeForm - a Regenerative Organic Certified™ coffee and an offering of the rare Maragogype cultivar. This single origin coffee from Nicaragua offers a harmonious balance of sweet and savory flavors including red apple, dark chocolate, and walnut.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Sacaclí Cooperative
    San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega, Nicaragua

  • Elevation

    900-1200 meters

  • Cultivar


  • Processing

    Washed / Wet

  • Tasting Notes

    Red Apple, Dark Chocolate, Walnut

  • Roast Level


Cup Profile

The unique cultivar Maragogype or Maragogipe (mar-ah-go-GEE-pay), also known as "the elephant bean", produces the largest coffee beans in the world. A natural mutation of Typica discovered in Brazil in the 1870s, Maragogype trees produce massive leaves and cherries, but relatively low yields. The cultivar has found a home in Nicaragua and when grown right - as it is here - produces very sweet coffees with lovely aromatics and big flavors in the cocoa and caramel end of the spectrum.

This lot from the Sacacli cooperative is a wonderfully sweet coffee with prevalent notes of dark chocolate, and a nutty fruit-forward profile. The body is full and very clean, with a slightly drying finish and a pleasing lingering tartness.

Meet the Producer

In 2022, Cooperativa Sacaclí became one of the first cooperatives in the world to receive Regenerative Organic Certified™ certification and 2023 was the first harvest of this organization since certified.

Sacaclí is a non-profit organization established in 1994 that promotes self-sustainable development and support 537 smallholder farmers, 93 of which are women. Sacaclí's members benefit from the organization's focus on quality of life, gender equity, and environmentally sustainable farming practices. In addition to ROC™ certification, Sacacli's coffees are also predominantly shade-grown as well as Fair Trade certified.

Regenerative Organic Certified™

Regenerative agriculture is a practice of holistic farming that views agriculture as an interconnected and interdependent system. Regenerative Organic Certified™ was established in 2017 to institute standards for this practice of agriculture, with the intention of building environmental and social resilience in the face of climate change and economic disparity. Often dubbed, "Organic Plus," ROC™ is an all-encompassing certification that features three main pillars of focus:

  1. Soil Health and Land Management
  2. Animal Welfare
  3. Farmer and Worker Fairness

We are so pleased to be among the first wave of coffee roasters to offer an ROC™ coffee and participate in the leading edge of sustainable coffee production.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amirah Elajlouni
Heaven in a cup!

If you want to know what heaven tastes like, just make yourself a cup of any of their Devine flavors, and enjoy every last drop. Your day can't go off on the wrong note after this almost mystical experience. Only warning is you might not be able to do anything but float all day on the high each cup gives you. But you will be in utter delight to care about anything else.
We have found our taste of deliciousness and can't get enough. Let the joy take you.

Edward Benoit -
Nicaragua - Maragogype Regenerative Organic Certified™?

This Coffee is a fantastic addition to the morning with the perfect brightness without being too acidic & the subtle notes of dark chocolate & red apple make for a delicious cup of single origin, organic coffee!

Bill Lundeen
Nicaragua ROC

This is an incredible coffee! Each tasting note is so clean and distinct. The dark chocolate, red apple notes are bathed in a warm sweetness that pulls the separate tastes into one beautiful whole. Add in regenerative organic and you get an unbeatable coffee that feels good to support. Well done, FreeForm!