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Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopia - Gemdaa Waqoo Natural

Ethiopia - Gemdaa Waqoo Natural

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Fruity, nectar-like notes of ripe melon and stone fruit are balanced by a bittersweet finish of cacao nib. A light bodied brew offers a clean and satisfying finish. A first-class example of sun-dried Ethiopian coffee.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Gemdaa Waqoo
    Wate Araba, Guji Zone

  • Elevation

    2236 meters

  • Cultivar

    Ethiopian Landrace

  • Processing

    Natural / Dry

  • Tasting Notes

    Melon, Stonefruit, Cacao

  • Roast Level


Cup Profile

Gemdaa Waqoo's coffee is a certified natural process Ethiopian "fruit-bomb!" Delight in notes of ripe honeydew, cantaloupe, apricot, peach, and an indistinct floral aroma. The big fruit up front is followed by a note of bittersweet cacao nib and a sweet, clean, delicious finish.

Meet the Producer

Gemdaa Waqoo's coffee journey began after inheriting a parcel of land from his family, which he has lovingly developed into a small 2 hectare estate.

As is commonplace for coffee farmers in his region, Gemdaa employs organic growing techniques partly due to the expense of chemical fertilizers, but also because of the naturally nutrient rich soil. Instead, Gemdaa employs cattle manure as a natural fertilizer and actively plants a diversity of shade trees on his land to recreate coffee's natural habitat as a rainforest understory shrub.

While increasingly more common, it is still quite rare to source a single-farmer coffee from Ethiopia and even more special to find one that absolutely bursts with flavor. We are so pleased to offer Gemdaa's harvest as our first Ethiopia of 2024, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Ethiopian Landrace

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia boasts the richest coffee biodiversity worldwide, home to over 60 known unique coffee varieties.

Though a gradual shift is underway to cultivate and market single variety lots, the majority of Ethiopian coffees are delightful blends of diverse local cultivars, affectionately known as 'Ethiopian Landrace'.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Baenziger
It's my favorite pour-over coffee

It's mild yet flavorful. Nice mild roasting lets the beans shine rather than the roasting.

Robert Jackson
No flavor

The old (a year ago) Ethiopia was great this is my first try after the original was no longer available, sorry it’s just not good! I always purchased it from the water store or at Garlands.I drove from Jerome just for it. No longer a customer,sorry,