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Single Origin Coffee

Colombia - Yinyini Avilez Natural

Colombia - Yinyini Avilez Natural

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This vibrant, fruit-forward sun-dried natural Colombia checks all the boxes - single variety, single farmer, organically grown, and most importantly, mouth-watering delicious flavor.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Yinyini Avilez
    Finca La Estrella, Planadas, Tolima

  • Elevation

    1800 meters

  • Cultivar


  • Processing

    Natural / Dry

  • Tasting Notes

    Berries, Citrus, Bubble Gum

  • Roast Level


Cup Profile

Light and bright with a nice creamy body that balances the acidity, Yinyini's single varietal lot is bursting with intense fruit notes and a surprise finish that makes us smile.

Berries drive the initial impression of flavor, and depending on brewing method and grind size those notes take the shape of raspberry jam or fresh strawberries. Mid-palate, we taste a sweet-tart citrus note reminiscent of tangerine or pink lemonade. Rounding out the sip, a distinct note of bubble gum (yes, really bubble gum!) lingers on the tongue, beckoning another sip.

Overall, this is a very juicy and fruit-forward natural process coffee, and a delicious expression of the unique Tabi variety hybridized in Colombia.

Meet the Producer

Yinyini Avilez (pronounced jin-JIN-ee ah-VEE-lez) is second generation coffee farmer, who began working on his family's coffee farm at the age of 13. Learning the trade and work ethic from his father, Yinyini has grown the quality of his harvest by engaging professional support in sustainable farm management and processing practices.

Yinyini's key to success seems to be the meticulous agricultural practices employed on his farm, Finca La Estrella. His focus is on soil health, balance, and moisture retention, which he supports through certified organic practices, planting shade trees, and maintaining an exceptionally clean environment.

Outside of farming, Yinyini is an avid soccer player, a family man, and the proud caretaker of his cherished pet parrot.

The Cultivar

This microlot is a separation of the unique and exciting hybrid cultivar, Tabi. Developed in Colombia in 2002, Tabi is a hybrid of three famed arabica cultivars - bourbon, typical, and timor. Tabi was developed to provide resistance to the leaf rust coffee disease that has plagued much of the Americas over the past several decades. The cultivar has potential for remarkable cup quality, and we think Yinyini's lot is a terrific example of the clean, fruit-forward profile that Tabi can exhibit.

Tabi means "good" in the language of Guambiano, a native Colombian tribe, and we hope you'll agree that "good" is an understatement!

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