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Costa Rica - Hermanos Fallas

Costa Rica - Hermanos Fallas

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Our third harvest from the Fallas family, our direct trade Costa Rican producers, and their coffee just keeps getting better. A smooth, honeyed cup with notes of almond and coconut, hints of red fruit and a kiss of wine on the finish.

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  • Producer / Origin

    Henry & Freddy Fallas
    San Francisco de Leon Cortes, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

  • Elevation

    1900 meters

  • Cultivar


  • Processing

    Washed / Wet

  • Tasting Notes

    Honey, Coconut, Almond

  • Roast Level


Cup Profile

Exceptionally smooth and delightfully delicious, Henry and Freddy's latest crop is a pleasure to brew. Honey dominates our tasting notes - both in flavor as well as contributing to a honey-like texture - with discernible notes of almond and a hint of coconut. Did somebody say Almond Joy?

But the flavor profile doesn't end there - hints of ripe red fruit dance along the tongue, showing themselves and then hiding again, with a beautiful sweetness of a light milk chocolate, and a long lingering finish of a fine wine. An extremely smooth texture and a light-medium body make this coffee the complete package.

Meet the Producers

Brothers Henry and Freddy Fallas were born into coffee and currently manage their family's collection of small farms (around 1 to 2 hectares each) in the idyllic area of San Francisco de Leon Cortes in Costa Rica's renowned region of Tarrazu. The terroir of this region is nearly perfect for specialty coffee cultivation and this is evident in the elegance of their coffees.

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the Fallas brothers in 2021, the year they built their own wet mill to process their own coffee cherries. For the first time, the Fallas family had the ability produce their own microlots and we were among the first roasters to work with them. Since then, we've purchased a number of coffees from the Fallas and each year the quality of the coffee and the consistency of their processing continues to impress.

This year, we are pleased to share a microlot from their farm, Finca La Sonadora, comprised entirely of the Arabica variety, Typica. Made famous as the coffee variety in Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Typica produces a high-quality cup that tends to be layered with complex flavor, high in sweetness and floral aromatics.

The Roast

Henry and Freddy's coffee is naturally quite smooth, so we've applied a faster roast profile that accentuates the beautiful aromatics and tasting notes without concern that acidity would be too bright. Likewise we extended the development time after first crack to help encourage more body to round out a balanced sipping experience. Overall, this is a light roast that leans toward a light-medium roast.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Zanot

Good coffee and customer service

Peter Baenziger
Lovely Mellow Coffee

I have two favorite coffees from FreeForm -- Hermanos Fallas and the Ethiopian coffee. Both are mild, very aromatic coffees. Both make a great cup of pour-over coffee. I really don't know which one I like better, so I usually order a bag of each.