Cold Brew

Cold Brew


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Cold Brew Coffee lovers rejoice!  We are pleased to present our blend specifically sourced and roasted for Cold Brew.
Chocolate, Toffee, Marshmallow

When the temps start climbing here in Arizona, many of us start looking for a way to keep things cool while still enjoying our specialty coffee.  Almost any coffee can be brewed and enjoyed cold, but what sets this blend apart is that its components and roast profile have been intentionally designed for cold extraction, taste and texture.  Lower in acidity and higher in sugar caramelization, this coffee pairs well with the fats in dairy, but is also smooth and robust on its own.  

The best part about Cold Brew is that with a little patience, it is incredibly easy to make at home.  Most brewers produce enough concentrate to last several days, which means less time spent brewing coffee in the morning and more time to get outside to enjoy our amazing morning weather.  

Interested in making cold brew at home, but don't know where to start?  Check out this affordable Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker by OXO.