Cold Brew (Featuring OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker)

Cold Brew (Featuring OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker)

Cold brew, the coffee beverage that has taken the world by storm, is really quite easy to make at home.  With just a bit of patience, you can save some hard earned cash and always have cold brew ready in your fridge.

This brew guide applies specifically to the fantastic and affordable OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker, which produces 16oz of cold brew concentrate in 12-24 hours.  Depending on your dilution ratio, this recipe results in approximately 32oz of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee.

Who's it for?

This brewing method is for cold brew lovers (obviously) and days when it's too warm to drink hot coffee (do those exist?), but also anyone who prefers very low acidity their cup.  In fact, we know some people who enjoy the cold brew profile so much that they brew cold and then heat their coffee when they want a hot cup.

Nearly any coffee can be used for cold brew and we encourage you to experiment with different origins and blends.  We also offer a year-round Cold Brew Blend that we've crafted specifically for a rich and slightly fruit-forward profile that we enjoy in cold brew.

The Recipe

Gather the Goods:

  1. Assemble your OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker according to the instructions.  Optional: you want to ensure the cleanest cup, include a single OXO Cold Brew Paper Filter which will ensure no fine coffee grounds make it to your final brew, plus it will filter out some of the oils in the coffee, leading to more clarity in your cup.
  2. Grind about 130g of coffee on a coarse setting and place in brewer. No scale? Simply the fill brewer with coffee grounds to marked coffee bean line. 
  3. Place "rainmaker" lid on top of brewer and slowly pour filtered water through the rainmaker until the volume of the coffee grounds and water reaches the oval OXO logo on the side of the brewer.
  4. Place solid lid on top of the brewer and let the brewer works it's magic, uninterrupted, for 12-24 hours.  For best results, we recommend storing in your refrigerator for 20-24 hours, but if chilled space is hard to come by, steeping at room temperature for 12-16 hours works as well.
  5. When your brew time is complete, place the brewing vessel on top of the glass carafe (don't forget to remove the cork lid!) and allow gravity to drain the finished cold brew concentrate through the filter.
  6. Once fully drained, serve your concentrate over ice, diluting with filtered water at a 1:1 ratio (50% cold brew concentrate, 50% water).  Stir and enjoy!

Happy sipping!

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