Garland Coffee Co. is now FreeForm Coffee Roasters!

Garland Coffee Co. is now FreeForm Coffee Roasters!

Freeform: Having or being an irregular or asymmetrical shape/design. Created or done in any way you choose. Not required to have particular patterns or forms. Not conforming to a regular or formal structure or shape.

With great obstacles come great opportunities for growth and change. The world we knew in early 2020 has shifted swiftly and dramatically as we’ve experienced unexpected obstacles from the global pandemic to an economic crash and a resurgence of civil rights demonstrations at home and abroad. Collectively, we’ve had time to reflect and reassess how we live our lives. Whether it’s how we show up for our communities, how we prioritize our personal well-being, or how we put food on the table, we know we aren’t alone in questioning the previous structure that drove our daily lives before. 

We know there is still so much work to be done to achieve a more just, peaceful, and healthy existence for all of us on this planet, but we also know that personally we needed a shift to invite more fun, freedom, and creativity into our lives. 

In this spirit of growth, new beginnings, and creative living outside of our comfort zones, we are transitioning Garland Coffee Company to a new name: Freeform Coffee Roasters. 

Rest assured that other than the name and the energy behind it, nothing else will change. It’s still the same great coffee roasted by the same great folks, but with a renewed sense of passion and creativity.

We feel that the new name, Freeform Coffee Roasters, will allow us to explore and add to our current specialty coffee offerings with the freedom of creativity that comes with new beginnings. Intentionally nebulous, we look forward to creating a Freeform fellowship with you -- serving you and growing together, all while focusing on the responsibly sourced, delicious, hand-roasted coffees you’ve come to expect from us. 

We look forward to hearing stories of how you find ways to embody the Freeform spirit in your lives, and sharing stories of inspiring people and businesses who prioritize creative living. We look forward to continuing to create positively charged coffee in Sedona and uplift our community in new, exhilarating ways. We look forward to giving back in our local neighborhoods and global networks. And we look forward to sharing this Freeform journey with you. 

With gratitude,

Monica and Daniel Garland

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