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    Single Origin Coffee

    Snapchilled™ Coffee - Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Double Washed

    Snapchilled™ Coffee - Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Double Washed

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    There's cold brew and then there's this.  Introducing Snapchilled™ coffee cans by FreeForm!

    We've collaborated with Elemental Beverage to bring you an exciting new canned cold coffee beverage, Snapchilled™ Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Double Washed Caturra.

    Unlike traditional cold brew, which is brewed cold and steeped for many hours, Snapchilled™ coffee is brewed hot and chilled to 36° Fahrenheit in seconds.  By brewing hot and immediately chilling, the delicate nuanced flavor of this exceptional single origin coffee is highlighted and preserved in the can.

    Our Snapchilled™ coffee is ready to drink and an easy option for cold, refreshing, and delicious FreeForm coffee on the go!  Perfect for roadtrips, hikes, camping, mountain biking, creek days, and festivals. 

    Keep refrigerated for optimal flavor, shelf life for this batch extends to 9/23/22.

    Freddy Fallas Coffee Farm

    About the Coffee

    We selected a special single origin micro lot specifically for this initial release of Snapchilled™ cans from our Costa Rican coffee producing partner, Freddy Fallas.

    This lot is comprised entirely of the coffee varietal, Caturra, and is cleanly processed using the double washed technique.  Grown on a single farm at high elevation in the famed Costa Rican coffee growing region of Tarrazu, this coffee exhibits a wonderfully well-rounded palate of red fruit, almond, honey, and wine.  We chose Freddy's double washed Caturra for this project because of its exceptionally smooth body, which translates beautifully in this cold coffee format. 

    If you enjoy Freddy's coffee, we also feature his Black Honey processed lot in whole bean.


    Snapchill Can Label Design

    Label design by Andy Reiland of Superwell Co-Creative :)

    Carbon Neutral Shipping

    As of July 2022, every FreeForm Coffee order is delivered carbon neutral! We purchase carbon offset credits for each order at no additional cost to you. Learn More.

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