Peru - Palmas del Paramo

Peru - Palmas del Paramo


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Get ready for some freshly roasted coffee!

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Medium roast afficionados - meet your new favorite daily drinker. Peru Palmas del Paramo has a creamy and soft body, with a mild acidity and sweet notes of citrus, plum, and milk chocolate.

The Coffee

Located in northern Peru in Cajamaraca, the remote district of Chontali is famous for its production of spectacular coffees. The area sits at high elevation and features a range of microclimates conducive to growing high-quality coffee.

Before formally organizing, the coffee growers of Palmas del Paramo typically sold their coffees (or even traded for groceries!) at undervalued prices to intermediaries, who in turn sold the mixed lots to larger merchants for export on the commodity market.  

Several years ago, a number of farmers in the Chontali district organized to sell their coffees for higher prices to nearby cooperatives that recognized the quality of their coffee.  These coffees were sold through quality and transparency focused cooperatives, but not yet as distinct lots from Chontali.  As our importing partner, Sustainable Harvest, put it, "The coffee reached our cupping table... We always asked about the coffee and the answer was, this coffee is from Chontali."

In 2020, after continually remarking about the quality of the coffees from Chontali, Sustainable Harvest asked if smaller lots from Chontali could be prepared and marketed as distinct regional lots.  This led to the formation of Palmas del Paramo, a cooperative with 91 producing members (30 of which are women). 

Palmas del Paramo continues to work with the cooperatives that helped them reach beyond the commodity market, receiving consultation on best practices and help with obtaining both organic and Fair Trade certifications.  The future is bright for this young cooperative and we are proud to support an organization that is helping its producing members improve the quality of their harvests and increase farmer compensation.

The Cup

When we cupped our first samples here at the roastery, the first words out of our mouth were, "What's not to like?!" Palmas has a creamy and soft body, with a mild acidity and sweet notes of citrus, plum, and milk chocolate.  We're roasting Palmas to a medium roast level to accentuate the silky texture of the body and the dense notes of fruit, while retaining a bit of the gentle acidity and brightness.

We think Peru Palamas del Paramo is perfect for that everyday cup, a rock solid brew you'll reach for morning after morning.

Origin: Peru
Region: Chontali, Cajamarca
Producer: Palmas del Paramo
Varieties: Caturra, Pache, Typica, Catimor, Catuai, and Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed 
Elevation: 1500-2000 meters above sea level
Certification: Fair Trade, Organically Grown

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