Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon
Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon
Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon
Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon
Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon
Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon

Colombia Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon

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Elegant, yet approachable.  Laderas del Tapias Red Bourbon is a exceptionally well produced Colombian coffee with a balanced profile and plenty of flavor to discover.

The Farm

Laderas del Tapias Estate is large coffee farm in the steep rugged mountains of Neira, Colombia.  The estate divided into four different farming plots - Villa Ines, Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, and Graciela.  This single varietal lot is grown on the Villa Ines plot by producer Rodrigo Pelaez.  

The Producer

All great coffee begins with the producer, in this case Rodrigo Pelaez, who has been at the forefront of fermentation innovation in Colombia for the past five years or so.  In addition to managing his farm at Laderas del Tapias, Rodrigo is a dentist by trade and also a writer, with a regular column about coffee in his local newspaper, La Patria.  When the Colombian Coffee Federation began to ease restrictions on permissible processing methods for exported coffee, Señor Peleaz was eager to experiment with natural process and prolonged fermentation with his already beautiful high elevation grown coffees.  

The Exporter

At around the same time, Señor Peleaz was introduced to an American living in Colombia named Joseph Wein.  Hailing from New York, Joey's passion for coffee and Latin American culture led him to living in Colombia, immersing himself in the world of coffee production and exportation.  With a shared passion for community and working with smaller coffee producers, Rodrigo and Joey immediately hit it off.  What followed was several years of experimentation with different processing parameters and methods, continually learning from feedback from roasting partners in the USA.

Joey returned to the states and started a company, with active collaboration with Rodrigo called Cereza Coffee, to source and distribute high quality and cutting edge coffee from Colombia to roasters in the US.  When we initially connected with Joey, we were impressed by his knowledge and care for Colombian coffee farmers, but when we received our first samples, we knew right away this was someone we wanted to work with.  

The Coffee

This is a single varietal lot composed entirely of the genetic varietal "Red Bourbon."  In the coffee world, Bourbon is pronounce "boor-bone" (not like the American whiskey that shares the same spelling) and is named after an island off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, now called Réunion.  It was on this island that the French transplanted coffee seedlings from Yemen, the descendants of which became known as the Bourbon varietal.  Bourbon was brought to Brazil in the 1860s and spread throughout Latin American soon thereafter.  While many offshoots of the variety have been bred over the years (Yellow Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, etc), Red Bourbon is one of our favorite varietals and our intrest is always piqued when we come across a coffee lot that is entirely Red Bourbon.  There is something about this variety that satisfies our palates - rounded, with pleasant mouthfeel, often a delicate presence of fruit, vanilla, and sometimes a floral aroma.  

The growing region of this coffee is also absolutely perfectly suited for specialty coffee production.  Tall, jagged, and steep hillsides with rich soil and consistent rainfall provides conditions that consistently produce the highest quality coffee.  With the work of a meticulous producer, the Caldas region produces some of the best coffees in Colombia.

In addition to the unique variety and optimal growing conditions, this coffee was processed with innovative techniques, including prolonged in-cherry fermentation and an intricate drying method using silo drying intervals over the course of 2-3 weeks, with strategic repose periods.  

So what does all that mean?  Well, simply put, this coffee is undeniably delicious. Imagine a coffee that lands in the overlapping center of a Venn diagram for body, acidity, and the chocolate/fruit/floral sensorial experience.  While this coffee will perform well in an auto-drip coffee maker, we highly recommend brewing it as a pour over to reveal the depth of its character and subtlety of flavor.

We're enjoying notes of vanilla and dark chocolate in a smooth medium body, with hints of tart raspberry and a juicy acidity.  As elegant as it is drinkable, we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself!

Origin: Colombia
Region: Caldas
Producer: Rodrigo Peleaz
Farm: Villa Ines, Laderas del Tapias Estate
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed
Elevation: 1600-2000 meters above sea level

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