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FreeForm Reserve

Berry'd Treasure - Colombia Co-Ferment

Berry'd Treasure - Colombia Co-Ferment

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Community-grown Colombian coffee, anaerobically co-fermented with dehydrated berries resulting in vibrant fruit-forward flavor.

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FreeForm Reserve 04

Berry'd Treasure - Colombia Co-Ferment

We’re pleased to introduce the fourth edition of our limited release FreeForm Reserve coffees, a deliciously fruit-forward coffee grown in Hula Colombia.

Thanks to an innovative fruit co-fermentation processing method, Berry'd Treasure boasts big, juicy notes of strawberry, grape, and plum with supporting layers of chocolate, hazelnut, and sweet cereal in the background.

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About the Project

At the helm of Berry'd Treasure is 21-year-old coffee farmer Brayan Alvear, a rising star in the coffee world. This remarkable project brings together over 60 smallholder farmers from the serene region of San Odolfo.

Brayan, rooted in the heart of this remote landscape, has rallied his fellow farmers for a groundbreaking endeavor – crafting unique and experimental coffees through co-fermentation with a medley of fruits.

In collaboration with the renowned producers Shady and Elias Bayter, Brayan and his neighboring farmers have opened a gateway to the global coffee market while retaining their unwavering focus on farming. They entrust the processing of their coffee cherries to industry-leading innovators.

This novel approach results in coffees boasting a distinctive flavor profile, commanding higher prices in the green coffee market. As a result, participating farmers enjoy significantly increased compensation for their harvest without the added burden of processing.

About The Process

Co-fermentation, an exciting and cutting-edge coffee processing method, is currently making waves in the coffee world, with Colombia leading the charge. In this particular variation of co-fermentation, the journey begins as ripe coffee cherries are carefully placed into a sealed plastic bag, where they undergo a 24-hour pre-fermentation process. They then transition to an open-air fermentation bath with water, continuing for another 24 hours.

Following this initial stage, the cherries are depulped, setting the coffee seeds on a path to a 5-day anaerobic fermentation adventure, alongside dehydrated berries. The seeds are meticulously washed before embarking on a 10-day drying voyage within a temperature-controlled silo. This meticulous process gives birth to a coffee with unparalleled flavor and character.

  • Producer

    Brayan Alvear / Shady & Elias Bayter

  • Elevation

    1400-1600 masl

  • Variety


  • Processing


  • Roast Level


  • Tasting Notes

    Strawberry, Grape, Plum, Cereal, Hazelnut

From The Grower

Brayan Alvear

Hi my name is Brayan, I was born here in Acevedo, a municipality in Huila, Colombia, specifically in San Odolfo, a rural coffee-growing area and one of the areas that produces the most coffee.

Here it is a custom to be taught all the virtues and knowledge that the land gives us, giving us the tools to be able to work in the future, since I was 13 years old my father after school took me to know everything about coffee, which years later made me understand that it was what I am passionate about and wanted to do when I grew up.

This year I managed to create a project with more than 60 coffee growers including my family, who collect and sell their coffee at a better price in cherry, being a strong work because we do the collection in places that people would not even imagine the challenge that it takes.

To finish after that together with Forest and the Ancla milling station, we process them, giving an added value and achieving unique profiles that I want you to try soon, since one of my dreams is that the coffee of San Adolfo Huila reaches the whole world. 

The Producer

Shady and Elias Bayter

Meet the visionary Bayter brothers, Shady and Elias, leading the way in innovative coffee processing from their multi-generational coffee farms in Huila, Colombia.

They are dedicated to crafting extraordinary, intensely flavored coffees. By meticulously cultivating the world's finest coffee varieties and employing sophisticated fermentation and drying techniques, they create coffee with an unforgettable flavor profile.

Their coffees are celebrated for their remarkable fruit notes, abundant sweetness, and tantalizing acidity.

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