Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale Coffee For Any Business

Thank you for your interest in partnering with FreeForm Coffee Roasters for your business' coffee program!  We'd love the opportunity to meet with you in person, or to invite you to our roasting facility, and discuss how we can best fit the needs of your business.  Below is an overview of who we are, what we are doing, and the products and services we offer.  To schedule an in-person demo at either your business or our roastery, please email us to set up a time that works for you!

A little bit about us...

Since 2011, we've owned and operated Indian Gardens Cafe & Market in Oak Creek Canyon. Widely regarded as serving up some of the best coffee in Sedona, we've been eagerly waiting for our chance to tell our own story through coffee. In 2018, our dream became a reality as we opened our very own roasting facility right in town in the historic Brewer Road district of Sedona.

We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to work with like-minded businesses who value quality, sustainability, and fostering community through great coffee. As your partner in coffee, we are here to support you, your staff, and your success.

Why FreeForm Coffee?

  • Coffees intentionally sourced for traceability, fair farmer compensation, terroir, and sustainability

  • Independent & locally owned

  • Free staff training & education

  • Free weekly educational cuppings at our roasting facility

  • Assistance with equipment selection & purchasing

  • Free local delivery (Sedona & Verde Valley)

  • Private labelling program for retail bags available.

What is Specialty Coffee?

 Buying specialty coffee means supporting international standards that focus on quality and sustainability from bean to cup:

  • Farmers are supported and encouraged to use sustainable growing practices and modern processing techniques.

  • Paying a higher premium for green coffees supports family farms, minority groups, and small agricultural communities.

  • A focus on origin and traceability highlights the unique character of individual coffees.

  • Carefully selecting beans, and hand-roasting in small batches results in high quality coffees that honor the hard work of many hands.

Options to suit your business

We offer four options tailored to suit the individual needs of your business and ensure freshness:

  • 5lb bags for Restaurants & Coffee Bars
  • 1 kilo bags for Boutique Businesses
  • 12oz bags for Retail Stores & Offices
  • 4oz bags for AirBNBs & Hospitality

Our Coffees

Signature Blends - available year-round

  • Stargazer - our signature dark roast house blend is comprised of 3 certified organically grown coffees from Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala.  Enjoy a full, rounded body, low acidity, and notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut.
  • Canyon Blend - our Espresso blend designed for the unique brewing process and demands of an espresso-based beverages.  Canyon Blend is focused on balance, body, hints of fruit and sweetness, and acidity that holds up well in milk-based espresso drinks.
  • Decaf - our decaffeinated coffee is not just an afterthought, rather we take great care in sourcing and roasting a beautiful coffee that will perform equally well in espresso and batch brew applications.  We roast it to a medium-dark roast level to suit most palates and proudly offer only water processed decaf, that utilizes no chemicals in the decaffeination process.  It's decaf without compromise!

Single Origin Coffees - Seasonal

  • Alongside our year-round signature blends, we also offer a seasonally-rotating selection of single origin coffees for businesses interested in serving unique highly-rated coffees with ultimate traceability and quality.  These coffees are sourced from a single farm or cooperative and reflect the unique location and conditions of where they are grown.  Ideally suited for pour-over service or retail bag sales.

Services We Offer

As your partner in coffee, we want to see you succeed!  We're here for you every step of the way and we're happy to offer the following services for all wholesale customers:

  • Free local delivery
  • In-store staff training
  • Guidance on equipment selection
  • Recommended brewing techniques for your equipment
  • Public education and cupping events at our roasting facility
  • Private tastings and education for you and your staff at our roasting facility

Order Minimums and Schedule 

We realize the needs of businesses vary greatly, so we are happy to offer low minimum order quantities and weekly delivery so that you can always serve your customers fresh, locally-roasted coffee.


To be eligible for wholesale pricing, we require a minimum order of 4 pounds of coffee, which can be met by any of the following:

  • 5lb Bags - 1 bag
  • 1kilo Bags - 2 bags
  • 12oz Retail Bags - 6 bags (may mix and match)
  • 4oz Hospitality Bags - 16 bags

Order Schedule

  • Please place all orders by midnight MST on Tuesdays. 
  • We hand roast in small batches for our wholesale customers Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
  • All local accounts will be delivered by 5pm MST on Friday.
  • All non-local accounts will be shipped by Friday.

Apply for an account!

Interested in partnering with us?  Fill out an account application and we'll get back to you within 1 to 2 business days!

Thanks for your interest in FreeForm Coffee, we look forward to working with you!