Colombia Mujeres Tolima
Colombia Mujeres Tolima
Colombia Mujeres Tolima

Colombia Mujeres Tolima


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A bright, floral, and lightly fruity coffee representative of the world class coffee produced in Colombia. Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and produced by women farmers.
Peach, Hibiscus, Vanilla
The Cup

At first sip, Mujeres Tolima shows off nice structure, with a light sparkling acidity on the tongue and a backbone of noticeable tannins.  As it cools, the fragrant aromatics of stone fruit (think peaches and nectarines) and hibiscus emerge, along with a silky note of vanilla on the finish.  With an easy-drinking light body and a clean finish, this is a delicious coffee for warmer months.

The Producer

Colombia Mujeres Tolima is a lovely offering from the excellent coffee producing region of Tolima. Grown entirely by women-owned farms that make up a portion of the ASOPEP cooperative, this coffee is both Fair Trade and Organically-grown with a unique "Con Manos de Mujer" certification (With Women's Hands).  

The Roast

We're taking Mujeres Tolima to the lighter end of what we consider a medium roast level to develop balance between the inherent acidity of high elevation Colombian terrior and to create space for the delicate fruity and floral notes that would be muted in a darker roast.