Ethiopia Sonkolle Kallato
Ethiopia Sonkolle Kallato

Ethiopia Sonkolle Kallato


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Get ready for some freshly roasted coffee!

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An elegantly produced natural process Ethiopia grown in one of the most coveted farming areas in the world.  Sonkolle Kallato is dripping with notes of honey, hints of dark berries, and a finishing bouquet of flowers and spice.

They say, "Good things come to those who wait," and never has this been more true in our experience as coffee roasters. To say that the past two years have been a disruption to our daily lives would be an understatement, but the impacts on shipping and logistics have been massive. From clogged canals to a shortage of containers and employees, international shipments of just about everything have seen massive delays this year. So, in retrospect, it should comes as no surprise that this year's highly anticipated natural Ethiopia took almost 5 months longer to reach us than expected. We're happy to announce that - finally - our natural processed Ethiopian offering for 2021/2022 here, and we think you're going to love it.

Like most specialty coffee roasters, each year we embark on an exciting search for a fresh crop of Ethiopian coffee to share with you. Because of its immense popularity, many of the best Ethiopian coffees are pre-sold before they even reach the States, and those that are available often have limited quantities and sell out quickly. This makes it challenging for a small coffee roasting company to secure a relatively small amount of high quality coffee, while finding enough to last for a season or even a whole year.

This year we decided to try a different approach and book a contract for Ethiopian coffee well before it would leave Africa. For some time, we'd been wanting to work with Osito Coffee, who had been developing a fantastic reputation in the coffee industry for their sustainable practices and exceptional coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Mexico. When we reached out to Osito founder, Kyle Bellinger, we were excited to learn of a first time offering from brand new project named "Green Spring." We received early samples and were blown away by the quality of the coffee, and needless to say we committed to Sonkolle Kallato right away.

A super team of sorts, Green Spring is a collaboration between Turi Waje (affectionately known as The King of Guji) and Mike Mamo of Addis Exporter. These long time friends and colleagues purchased land amidst some of the most coveted coffee farming areas in Ethiopia and began purchasing ripe coffee cherries from small independent farmers in a village named Sonkolle Kallato.  These fully traceable lots have been meticulously processed in small batches and the resulting quality is undeniably exceptional.  We are proud to be among the first roasters in the world to represent Green Spring coffee and we look forward to supporting this project with each yearly harvest.

It's difficult for us to find a better adjective than elegance when describing Sonkolle Kallato in the cup.  Green Spring has employed a delicate restraint to the processing of the coffee, allowing for the classic fruity notes of berries to shine, but not overpower the tasting profile.  What sticks out most to us is an pervasive profile of honey, both in flavor and texture, and an overall smooth, clean cup.  As it cools, we savor the delicate finish of a floral and spiced bouquet.  Overall, this is probably one of the finest African coffees we've offered to date and we're so excited to share it with you!

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Uraga, Guji
Producer: Green Spring
Farm: Various small farmers
Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties
Process: Natural / Sun Dried
Elevation: 2300 meters above sea level

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