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    Single Origin Coffee

    Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Black Honey

    Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Black Honey

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    Unique, direct trade honey-processed coffee from the Fallas Brothers in Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

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    About Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Black Honey

    The Cup

    Freddy Fallas Black Honey has an incredibly smooth mouthfeel in the cup, with a big jammy body, notes of almond, a hint of cedarwood, and a soft kiss of fruit.

    The Producer

    Costa Rica Freddy Fallas Black Honey is a special micro lot exclusive to FreeForm Coffee produced by independent coffee farmer, Freddy Fallas.

    Freddy and his family have been growing coffee in the renowned region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica for generations and own several small farms throughout the region. This particular lot comes from their 1.5 hectare (~3.7 acres) farm named “La Vuelta,” and is comprised entirely of the Caturra varietal of the Arabica coffee species.

    Until recently, the Fallas family sold their ripe coffee cherries to third-party processing mills, who would process, dry, and mill the fresh coffee for export. More than likely, these small lots of coffee that the Fallas family grew were combined with those of other farms to create larger regional lots for export. Freddy and his brother, Henry, recently decided to build their own processing facility on their land, which would give them total creative control over the quality of their coffee, the ability to market their crop as a distinct micro lot, and ultimately receive a higher compensation for their harvest. For the 2021 harvest, Freddy and Henry successfully processed their first lots of coffee and what you hold in your hands was the pride of their farm!

    The Process

    The "honey" process is a time-intensive and meticulous method of preparing fresh coffee cherries for milling. The honey process is a blend of washed and natural processes, with some - but not all - of the coffee fruit mucilage removed before drying.

    Black Honey coffees require the most care of all honey processes, dried very slowly in the shade with high humidity. The producer must take extra care to prevent over-fermentation and mold growth.

    The result is well worth the effort, however, and Freddy's black honey lot presents an incredibly smooth texture in the cup!

    Sustainable Sourcing

    Historically, small landowners like Freddy have a difficult time marketing their harvests as distinct lots due to the overwhelming logistics of exporting a relatively small amount of coffee.

    Thanks to the creative work of our trading partner in Costa Rica, Selva Coffee, who work to bridge the gap between Costa Rican farmers and American roasters, we were offered samples of Freddy's first ever self-processed lots. After roasting and tasting his coffees, we enjoyed them so much that we purchased the entire harvest of Freddy's Black Honey Caturra and Double Washed Catuai (in our Snapchilled Coffee cans!). In essence, this was as close to a direct trade experience as we have been able to coordinate so far, with Selva acting as the intermediary and logistics partner for both Freddy Fallas and FreeForm.

    This type of trading arrangement requires considerably more work and planning, but to us it is worth every bit of the extra effort. By removing the logistical intricacies between producer and roaster, the producer is also able to realize a far higher price for his or her crop, and the roaster is provided a much more meaningful sourcing experience, that will hopefully continue year after year.

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