We're taking a quick coffee break!

We're taking a quick coffee break!

Greetings, coffee lovers!

Firstly, thank you for your orders these past few weeks. It has been wonderful to stay connected both to you and to our craft despite the stay-at-home orders. We hope that brewing our hand-roasted coffees at home has brought you comfort and pleasure. Your support during this time has meant the world to us.

While it would seem that this forced pause in our regular business would have provided us time to rest and relax, the truth is, the past couple of months have been particularly stressful as small business owners. With temperatures rising here in the desert and our state slowly reopening, we feel this may be the best chance we’ll have in awhile to take a true break and find rejuvenation in the wilderness, with our family.

We will be out of the roastery and pausing all operations for a few weeks, so now is the time to stock up!

  • Last day to order fresh coffee: June 3
  • Accepting new orders: July 3
  • Roasting resumes: July 9

We certainly want to keep you caffeinated while we’re away, so we are offering a special discount on large bags to get you through the 4-week hiatus. Save 20% off all 2lb and 5lb bags from now through June 3 (discount automatically applied at checkout). We will not be accepting or roasting orders from June 4-July 3. 

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram page @garlandcoffee as we will be announcing some exciting new plans from the road!

We look forward to serving you again with renewed energy and a fresh perspective when we return in July. In the meantime, happy sipping!

With gratitude,

Daniel and Monica 

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  • Milan Jordan

    Dear Dan and Monica,
    Hope you and the kids are doing well. I got a letter from Lynn, who retired from Garland’s, and moved to Iowa to be with her elderly mom. I hope Trish and Dan, Sr., are well. Claire and I have been busy, as you would expect given what we do for a living. I miss the Indian Gardens, but we clearly understand. Mike and Jason at Thunder Mountain Bikes sent us the Holiday Blend, and it won’t last long. I think you guys have a good thing going over there. Maybe we can set up a regular shipment to buy in bulk. Thereby the TSA won’t think we are smuggling cocaine back into Wisconsin! Claire and I will be in town for the New Year’s.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Claire and Milan

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